Club Re-Opening

Hello Everyone,

I am pleased to announce that the Club will be re-opening from Monday 6th July at 7:00PM.

As you are probably expecting, we have had to make significant changes to the way the Club operates to meet with the current government guidance. We will, as an ongoing process be reviewing this regularly. We have assessed our operating procedures and adjusted them to meet or exceed the requirements.

Please see this link on the Club Website to see full details – we encourage everyone to read this before attending.

Key Points

You should not enter the Club premises if you or any of your household are showing any of the Covid-19 symptoms within the last 14 days. Government advice is to stay at home, order a testing kit, and all members of the household should isolate.

The number one priority is the safety of everyone – every single person has a responsibility to play their part.

Social distancing must be maintained, some tables and chairs/stools have been removed.

Please wash your hands regularly and use the hand sanitisers we have invested in.

No-one under the age of 18 is permitted on the Club premises at this time.

No Dogs (except official guidance dogs) are permitted at this time.

There will be a one-way system operating through the Club. Entry to the club will be via the Access Ramp, the stairs are one-way (down) and exit is via the main door (for those that don’t have a need to use the access ramp). This means that on a toilet visit you’ll need to take your coat if its raining!

On arrival at the club – all members MUST BRING their access cards. Do not use the door buzzer for access – you will be refused. Every member must swipe their card in the reader, regardless of whether someone is holding the door open for you or not. Additionally guests are limited to two per party – they must sign in fully with name, address and telephone number – this MUST be legible.

All members MUST enter their name and telephone number on the daily sign in sheet, next to the visitor book. This is a mandatory requirement for the NHS Track and Trace Service. If you do not consent to supply this information you must leave the premises.

There will be no standing (except for when in the bar queue). On entering the club you should find a table/seating area that is large enough for your party (remember you should be from the same household or ‘social bubble’). The lounge downstairs will be open for additional seating. If there are no available seating areas in the club, then unfortunately you must leave and return at a later time. There is no waiting area for tables inside the building, or on the access ramp.

There is a queuing system for bar access. To minimise contact all members and guests are expect to return empty bottles and glasses to the drop off area on the bar. A number of queuing positions are clearly marked. From the drop off area onwards, please do not move forward until instructed by the bar staff. Please be prepared to wait longer for service at the bar. Please do not abuse the bar staff over this, they are following the procedure they have been instructed.

Every drink will be served in a clean glass. If you are ordering more than two drinks a tray will be provided to avoid the need to return to the bar. Staff will handle glasses at the base wherever possible.

Contactless card payments are strongly preferred and recommended.

There may be some products that are unavailable at the time of opening. Alternative products are available.

The follow services will not be available until further notice:

  • Pool Table
  • Dart Board
  • Gaming Machine
  • Lottery Machine
  • Bingo
  • Live Entertainment
  • Dominoes

The Jukebox will be available via the App only, volumes will be limited.

Sky TV is available on all three televisions, again volumes will be limited.

Revised Opening times (these will be under review and may be updated)
Monday: 19:00–23:00
Tuesday: 19:00–23:00
Wednesday: 19:00–23:00
Thursday: 19:00–23:00
Friday: 17:00–23:30
Saturday: 11:30–23:00
Sunday: 11:30–21:00

Above all – please use common sense, and maintain your distance from others.

There will be increased Committee presence in the Club during the opening hours. They have instruction to operate the Club in-line with the rules and regulations, please follow their advice. Their decision is final on all matters regarding the safe operating of the Club. In the absence of a Committee member, the Bar Staff have the same authority. Please do not abuse the Staff or Committee members, these changes are enforced upon us – we all have to work with them.