Rules and By-Laws

As a Member of the Club, you are bound to abide by the Rules, Regulations and By-Laws of the Club.

The Club Rule Book is available at the Bar to purchase for a nominal fee to cover printing costs. Additionally it is provided here free as a Adobe PDF Document: BHGSC Rule Book (2017).pdf.

The Rule Book is an official document, and will be updated periodically. In addition to the Rule Book, the Management Committee have the right to create additional Rules and By-Laws as necessary from time to time, so long as they don’t conflict with the official Rule Book. Additional Rules or By-Laws will be displayed on the Club Notice boards where appropriate.

If any Member has queries or questions regarding the Rules and By-Laws, the on-duty Committee member will act as the Management Committee representative and if necessary will provide clarification on Rules and By-Laws (they may need to defer to the Management Committee in some cases).

The on-duty Committee Member has the power to make an interim/temporary decision until it can be referred to the Management Committee. In serious breaches of the Rules or By-Laws of the Club, this may include temporarily suspending a Member and asking them to leave the Club premises, until the matter can be discussed with the Management Committee.