New Members are always welcome. To become a member of the Club, you will need to complete a Membership Application form, available in the Club or available to download and print here: BHGSC Membership Application Form.PDF

The completed form should be countersigned by a member of the Management Committee (there is generally an on-duty Committee member available – just ask at the bar).

Membership Fees are currently £5 (£3 for concessions) per year with an additional deposit of £5 for your access card – these are to be paid with the submission of the Membership Application form.

Membership is open and will not close this year. Anyone joining the Club at the November & December 2019 Committee meetings will have the remainder of the year included in their membership for 2020.

Membership renewals are due on the 1st January every year. Please see the notice boards for further details.

I’ve submitted my Application Form – What happens next?

Once you have submitted your Membership Application form AND paid the necessary fee’s. Your application form will be reviewed and approved/rejected at the next meeting of the Management Committee (normally the second Tuesday of the month).

In the event of a rejection, you will be notified by post to the address provided on the Membership Application form.

Your full membership of the Club will begin after your Membership Application has been approved. For the avoidance of doubt the joining date of a member will be the date of the Management Committee meeting that approved the membership. You will be able to collect your access card a few days after the Management Committee meeting.

Rules and By-Laws

As a Member of the Club, you are bound to abide by the Rules, Regulations and By-Laws of the Club.

The Club Rule Book is available at the Bar to purchase for a nominal fee to cover printing costs. Additionally it is provided here free as a Adobe PDF Document: BHGSC Rule Book (2017).pdf.

The Rule Book is an official document, and will be updated periodically. In addition to the Rule Book, the Management Committee have the right to create additional Rules and By-Laws as necessary from time to time, so long as they don’t conflict with the official Rule Book. Additional Rules or By-Laws will be displayed on the Club Notice boards where appropriate.

If any Member has queries or questions regarding the Rules and By-Laws, the on-duty Committee member will act as the Management Committee representative and if necessary will provide clarification on Rules and By-Laws (they may need to defer to the Management Committee in some cases).

The on-duty Committee Member has the power to make an interim/temporary decision until it can be referred to the Management Committee. In serious breaches of the Rules or By-Laws of the Club, this may include temporarily suspending a Member and asking them to leave the Club premises, until the matter can be discussed with the Management Committee.

Free Wi-Fi for Members

Free Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) is available for members and guests. See the notices in the Club for instructions.